Philosophy & Goals

Philosophy Statement (written in conjunction with the children)

Clayfield Outside School Hours Care is a warm and welcoming environment. It is a place where we support and promote an inclusive environment for people with disabilities, and also people from other cultures.  Furthermore, we learn about other cultures through eating different types of foods and though our arts and crafts.  We respect people with disabilities or from other backgrounds and enjoy helping them in all areas they may need, so that they may feel included and a part of our family. 

At Clayfield OSHC we are able to participate in fun activities in a creative, happy and bully free zone.  All children here get along well because we respect one another and are honest to each other.  Through following the rules set out be the staff and ourselves, and by using our manners we create trust between everyone. 

The staff of Clayfield OSHC are warm, caring, friendly, fun and fair; and we know that they will always be there for you when you need them. Most of all the staff treat everyone equally, which helps to create a happy and fun environment, where we can play and learn.

Since coming to Clayfield OSHC we have made lots of new friendships and hope to make many more. 


  • Everyone’s ideas are valued
  • To encourage children to develop successful social competence with a variety of people and situations
  • To respect everyone’s differences be it cultural, religious or ability
  • To recognise and value each child’s individuality
  • To support all children and their families, in all aspects of each child’s development
  • To provide high quality educators; that will always be able to support each individual child, in a caring and friendly manner
  • To help develop and extend each child’s ability to live a balanced lifestyle, through the development of their skills, knowledge, self-concept and a positive self esteem
  • To provide an environment where children can develop and explore their interests at their own pace - to help them to realise their important role in this world and to realise their vital connection to the earth