Welcome to Children First Learning Centres

Children First Learning Centres (CFLC) has been involved in the early education industry since 1991

CFLC is a non-corporate identity offering early learning programs for children up to and including school age, based on the "Early Years Quality Framework" (for under 5's) and "My Time, Our Place" (for school age children).

Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations, as well as State Regulatory Authorities, effective from 1st January 2012, govern our centres.

We also recognise and adhere to the Work Health & Safety Bill 2011, introduced in January 2012.

Centre operating times vary depending on the needs of our local communities, but generally operate between the hours of 6.30am to 6.30pm. We recognise individual families' work and study commitments vary, so our centres are open 52 weeks per year - closed only for weekends and public holidays.

At CFLC we understand that leaving your child in the care of someone else is a big decision. With our established experience in the childcare sector, you can be assured our staff will provide a safe and nurturing environment to support both your child's development and welfare. We aim to provide continuity of care between parents, children and our early childhood professionals.