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Last week, we had our first yoga lesson with Mr Kevin for the year! We were all so excited to walk down to the courtyard and sit down on our yoga mats. When Mr Kevin arrived we, all greeted him with big smiles and waves. To start our lesson Mr Kevin sang the welcome to yoga song, we all clapped our hands together and sang along. Once our bodies and singing voices were all warmed up, we read the story “Marching through the jungle.” The children all enjoyed marching along with their peers and educators in search for a monkey. Each page, we would stumble across a different jungle animal and Mr Kevin would show us that animals corresponding yoga pose until we found the monkey right at the end. We then all jumped up and danced around the courtyard to some “Wiggles songs”. We then ended our lesson by laying down listening to a relaxation song. Namaste and thank you, Mr Kevin.
Published on 2018-01-23 20:29:39 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
The London babies have had opportunities to try different painting experiences recently. They have had turns at finger painting, feeling the sensory experience of paint squishing between their fingers and mixing assorted colours together. They have also painted with different objects; a spiky ball to roll across the paper, a toy truck to make tracks with, a scrubbing brush for short strokes and a large flower sponge to make circle prints on the paper. Each child has had the opportunity to participate in at least one of these painting experiences, giving us lots of colourful art for our walls. Well done London babies!
Published on 2018-01-22 08:47:40 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Well, we are now in our third week of the year and Miss Jo, Miss Merry and I could not be prouder at how beautifully our babies have settled. We have been using our babies home routines to give them a sense of continuality and this is working well as we put them to bed and feed them at familiar times. Our babies are all doing a wonderful job settling into their cots for some lovely sleeps, as well as showing trust in all the educators as they snuggle up with us as we feed them their bottles. Mr Daryl's delicious food has been a smash hit and our babies have all enjoyed settling in their high chairs during communal meal times and there is lots of smiles and chatting as we all enjoy some yummy food together. We have all enjoyed lots of group sessions as we read our books and sing lots of songs together. The finger puppets have been one of our favourite things to do during group session and we all enjoy having a turn holding them. The babies and educators have loved getting to know each other as we had fun building large towers with blocks together. The best part is knocking it over... CRASH! We have also enjoyed exploring all the cause and effect toys, pressing all the buttons to see what would happen and there has been lots of happy smiles and laughter as we watched animals pop up, lights flash and listen to our toys make lots of awesome noises. What a wonderful start to the year we've all enjoyed. Regards, Miss Leeanne, Miss Jo and Miss Merry.
Published on 2018-01-16 20:13:52 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Last week we continued our gardening lessons with Miss Cathy. When we arrived at the garden, we all made our way to the garden mat and sat down in front of Miss Cathy. To start our lesson Miss Cathy read us a book about garden insects and bugs, Miss Cathy then handed us a bug catcher for all of us to investigate. We all sat in a circle and we could see ants inside the catcher! The children were all so excited to get up close and observe the ants. Once we all had a look at the ants, Miss Cathy had a lady bug dress up for all of us to try on, the children were by far the cutest bugs in the garden. We then all followed Miss Cathy to one of the planters and helped her plant some radishes, we all made sure to blow the seeds a big kiss to help them grow. We then all made sure the seeds, plants, vegetable & flowers got a big drink of water. Thank you, Miss Cathy, for such a fun gardening lesson.
Published on 2018-01-15 06:35:33 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
This week in the Sandgate Room, we have all continued settling in beautifully. We have loved meeting all our new friends, settling on the floor together with our educators to share nurturing cuddles and friendships have already begun to form as we play beside each other, smiling and babbling at each other! Our babies have been very busy as they practice their tummy time. They have been reading lots of stories, looking at picture books together with friends and educators and listening to lots of familiar songs as our educators sing and do the actions to each song. We have begun putting our own personal touch on the room as we pose for pictures with our families for our family tree. We have also started some art and have loved getting messy as we have made hand and foot prints which then turned into finger painting! We are settling in so well that we have developed the confidence to begin to explore our room and all the fun toys we have, such as; pushing walkers around the room, exploring the pop ups and doing some stacking with our stackers and blocks. We love all the baskets on the mats around the room, as well as our new table with tubs in it. We love pulling out all the toys and exploring them all! Some of our toys are lovely and soft (like our soft viny animals) and others are fun to bang loudly and make music with (like our wooden caterpillars, shakers and blocks). What a wonderful second week.
Published on 2018-01-11 20:13:13 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
What a wonderful start to the Kindy year we have had so far. The children seemed to have settled into the new routine very well and are all very excited to be in the Kindy or 'big kids room' as they call. We have been very busy in our first couple of weeks. We have setup our “Kindy Shop”. We have made price tags for the items and stuck them on to the items. Some of our items in the shop are a bit pricey reaching up to one million dollars. We introduced play money and had discussions about how much each coin or note was worth. We also came up with an idea to boost our sales in the shop by taking turns to call the specials of the day. We each took turns at being the cashiers and the customer, as well as sales assistants. In gardening with Miss Cath, we have looked at the life cycle of a sunflower and planted some sunflowers in the garden. We also went on a red hunt in the garden and Miss Cath asked us to see what we could find in the garden that was the colour red. We found lady bugs, flowers and radishes (which we also planted).
Published on 2018-01-09 23:28:35 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
To extend on the Gregory’s camping interest, we decided to learn not just about camping in the Aussie bush but also about the natural environment that’s right here on our very doorstep in Brisbane. We had lively discussions at group time about the types of animals and trees that we would expect to see and live in the bush and in our rivers. We were also very lucky to be given the chance to view the display of Australian creatures on loan from the Queensland Museum including snakes and insects. Huge thanks go out to Mr Kevin for organising these cabinets of curiosities. The children also created some bush animal arts and crafts including a Koala, platypus and insects using nothing more than plastic lids, paddle pop sticks, brown paper bags and goggling eyes. What better way to end our camping interest than to make and cook Damper! The good old Aussie bush tucker, beloved by swagman, stockmen and drovers. We all took turns in preparing and cooking our yummy damper before sitting around our “camp fire” to enjoy eating it with either vegemite or jam. We’ve had enormous fun exploring our camping, as well as learning about nature and the environment.
Published on 2017-10-17 09:46:48 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Last week, Miss Anusha has been very busy doing lots of beautiful art experiences to celebrate the Indian festival of the lights, Diwali. The children and Miss Anusha made lots of wonderful art using lots of variety of colours and tools throughout the week. On Tuesday, the babies used lots of bright paint to create fire crackers on black paper. The children enjoyed using their hands to move the paint across the paper and make explosions of colours against the black. They made fireworks like the ones in the festivals using a paper towel rolls, which had been cut so it made a wonderful pattern that looked like fireworks. The babies enjoyed dipping the roll into purple, orange and red paint, then pressing it onto the paper to make fireworks! On Thursday, they made a lantern together! The children were encouraged to work together to smear paint all over the lantern template that Anusha had created. They then had fun shaking glitter EVERYWHERE as they filled their lantern with lots of sparkles. On Friday, we made hanging lanterns. The babies chose the colours they wanted to use, then used their hands to smear the paint all over the paper to decorate their lantern. When they were done Miss Anusha made them into beautiful lanterns that are now hanging from our ceiling! Thank you Miss Anusha for sharing some wonderful Diwali art experiences with us!
Published on 2017-10-10 07:54:34 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Hi everyone, This week saw most of our friends back from holidays and we jumped straight into our new unit on Tuesday. We started the term off by investigating the life cycle of a silkworm. The children were intrigued at the little black larva that we have in our silkworm box at the moment. We talked about life cycles and watched an educational clip about the life cycle of a silkworm. The children discovered how the silk worms go from larva, to worms and then into cocoons and then moths. They were a little horrified at the idea that silkworm farms actually boil the cocoons to use the one long strand of silk to make a variety of clothing and silk products. Questions were asked, “Boiling the cocoon, wont the moth die?” “Yes, the moth must die in order to use the silk for clothing and silk products.” Though, never fear, this is something that our Kindy friends will not be doing. We are going to marvel at the entire life cycle of the silkworm and it will not be cut short with boiling of any kind! We also explored during our educational clip, what the silk worms eat and would love any donations of mulberry leaves, if you have a mulberry bush or know of one nearby. Once the silkworms hatch they chew threw a lot of leaves, so we will appreciate any mulberry leave donations. Thank you for you continued support! Have a great week everyone, The Kindy team
Published on 2017-10-05 11:44:08 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Recently, we have been using lots of messy play such as shaving cream, rainbow rice, water play and finger painting to explore colours and colour mixing! We extended on this, when the children took interest in the Junction’s art project as we played outside, so we got out some squeezy paint bottles and the babies enjoyed getting good and messy as they squeezed paint EVERYWHERE and then got hands on as they used their hands to mix the paint all up. Our works of art are displayed in our room next to our family tree. We then added some spaghetti to the mix. We had planned to use the squeezy paint to colour the spaghetti but our babies were so into exploring it by taste, we decided to leave it, au la natural! Instead we used (and named) colour bowls to extend on our interest as we scooped pasta up, filled our bowls then emptied them so we could squish the pasta between our fingers. The next day we squeezed paint onto our paper and then used our pasta as paint brushes as we dragged it through the rainbow of paint to make lots of swirls and whirls! We also made some red jelly and enjoyed exploring it as a group on the table. The first thing we did of course was have a little taste before exploring the red jelly as we splatted it with both our hands and used the mashers. We also loved squishing it under our fingers and spreading it over the table as we made a wonderful sticky mess! We did even more hands-on play as we first explored soft, fluffy colours and looking at all the different colours they come in. We then made some awesome lavender goopy goop and the babies enjoyed mixing the feathers with the goop to make a wonderful mess. We love getting messy and having fun in Sandgate and Miss Leeanne, Miss Jo and Miss Anusha have lots more hands on, messy experiences planned!
Published on 2017-09-25 09:29:45 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
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Congratulations Cathy, Kate and Lyndhurst children for coming second in the Ekka School Garden competition for 2017. All your hard work and efforts have certainly paid off. Thank you to all families and staff who sent in photos of you visiting our garden while the Ekka was on. The Garden will be back at Lyndhurst tomorrow for everyone to enjoy!
Published on 2017-08-20 10:13:46 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Talking Fingers Learning Sign Language in The Gregory Room As Miss Nicola is hearing impaired, we decided to teach the children some basic alphabet and numeracy signing in sign language. Sign language is a system of communication using visual gestures and signs, as used by hearing impaired people. During group time, Miss Nicola, using her sign language poster sat with the children and demonstrate the correct hand signal for each letter or number. The children all understood that people who can’t hear as well as they do, use sign language as a means of ‘talking’ and communicating with other people. And that just like learning French, sign language is also a language that is learnt over time too. Despite there being some tricky hand/finger manoeuvres all the children were determined to have a go at signing, thus trying to understand what it is like to ‘speak’ if they were hearing impaired. It was really sweet watching all their determined faces and fingers trying to sign.
Published on 2017-08-16 10:56:46 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
We have had so much fun over the past couple of weeks in our extra-curricular activities. In French, we have learnt about transport and farm animals. We have also learnt a variety new songs, that we love singing and dancing along to. Natacha’s new stories have also been a big hit with all the children. During yoga, one of the children’s favourite stories is 'Dear Zoo'. We love lifting the flap and seeing the different animals. We then enjoy pretending to be the animal. Our absolute favourite part of Yoga is singing and dancing at the end of the session. In our gardening lessons, we have learnt about different creatures that live in the garden. We have explored a variety of different insects including; bees, ladybugs and grasshoppers and all sorts of other animals. We love watering the plants and looking at the beautiful flowers! Thank you, Natacha, Kevin and Cathy!
Published on 2017-08-14 20:27:36 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Published on 2017-08-13 20:44:09 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Today Nominator Supervisor Kate and Cathy delivered our sensory garden to the EKKA for the school garden competition for 2017. I think it’s safe to say it is looking fabulous! If you are heading to the EKKA this year and would like to visit our garden, head to the Flower and Garden section of the old museum. If you do visit our garden, make sure you get some photos and send them into us.
Published on 2017-08-09 04:54:04 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Pigs go “Oink,” and cows go, “Moo.” These are animals that live on the farm. Lions go “Roar,” and monkeys go “Oo oo ahh ahhh.” These animals don’t live on the farm. During the Adelaide children’s extra-curricular activities, they explored different animals and environments. In yoga, Mr Kevin read the book, ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Can You See?’ and based his positions and stretches on the animals in the book. Children balanced on one foot like a flamingo, they bucked their legs like zebras and they roared like lions. These animals don’t live on farms, however, the Adelaide children loved exploring the unique animals that live all over the world. In French, Miss Natacha focused her lesson on farm animals. She used a variety of puppets that allowed the children to visualise what they were learning. They also learnt the song, ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm.’ What fun! Miss Cath’s gardening lesson had children learning about different types of farms and the importance of farmers in Australia. They looked at photos of crops and tractors, as well as listening to stories about farming. Children also explored the garden, watered the beautiful flowers and plants, as well as completing puzzles and saying “Hello” to the garden gnomes. Thank you, Mr Kevin, Miss Natacha and Miss Cath, for teaching the Adelaide children last week. They are very much looking forward to what’s in store this week.
Published on 2017-08-07 09:34:16 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Last night, educators and staff participated in our monthly staff meeting. For last night’s staff meeting we arranged Chris from Synthesis Trainers and Consultants to deliver profession development training in ‘Child Protection’ and to inform all staff on the change in mandatory reporting. We would like to thank Chris for coming out and all educators and staff who attended.
Published on 2017-07-24 20:42:07 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
We had a wonderful week this week, our highlight of the week was when Wendy came out from Reverse garbage. We had organised Wendy to come out as an incursion to teach the children how to reuse materials for different purposes. The aim of the day was to make rockets using different materials, such as; spools, plastic cups, foam, buttons, paper, fabric etc. We wanted a space theme as this tied in nicely with both our focus on the Chooks in Space book and our space theme in our book area. The children did an amazing job making different types of rockets, using different types of glue and we had Miss Alice and Miss Nicole helping out with the hot glue gun, which got a work out! Some of our friends even added ladders, windows, missiles and of course Funky Chickens! The children did so well and really emerged themselves within the session. We will definitely get reverse garbage back again as it was a wonderful hands on learning experience.
Published on 2017-07-21 09:50:39 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
During our adventure to the garden last week, we were very interested in the bees in the bug catcher. We listened to the bees buzzing around. We even got to sit in on one of Miss Cath's gardening lessons. We also read a book about the job which bees have... giving us honey... yum! Back in the London room we made some honey play dough. We helped to measure, pour and mix the dry ingredients together. Next, we combined the wet ingredients... do not forget the honey! After we had added the honey to the play dough we all used our sensory skills to smell the honey. There were lots of different expressions given during this fun experience. Next, we helped to knead the dough to finally finish the play dough making process. Next, we needed some excited children to play with the honey play dough. Lots of excitement was had as we used our sensory skills to touch and even taste the honey in the play dough! After we had gotten the opportunity to touch and become familiar with the feeling of the play dough. We brought out some shapes and rollers. Using our fine motor and cognitive development skills we rolled and shaped the play dough. We also pressed our hands and feet into the play dough to make imprints of our tiny fingers and toes. Linking our creative and fine motor skills to this interest, we made our very own bee hive honeycomb. To make this, we collected some egg cartons, yellow paint and innovative, creative thinking. With some help, we also made some bees out of pipe cleaners. Don't forget to check our bee hive honeycomb out when you visit the London Room!
Published on 2017-07-18 19:50:39 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
As it was Diabetes week last week (and green day yesterday), we thought we would try something different and make a 3D ball/box art display. This was represented by using a couple of different green colours, as Diabetes Week is represented by green, and different size polystyrene balls, as balls are one of the children's interests. We placed the balls in a box with the paint and gave the box a good shake and roll, trying to cover the balls in the paint, but we ended up putting our hands in to roll the balls around ourselves. Very wet and slippery! The children were very intrigued by the box, and we managed to have a game of peek-a-boo as well.
Published on 2017-07-18 10:05:35 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Last week, the Liverpool and Gregory friends went to yoga together. We all sat nicely on the mat and started our yoga lesson by singing ‘The Wheels On The Bus’. We did all the actions and sang along with Mr Kevin. We then looked at some new yoga cards. The cards showed us different items and animals you might find at home. We posed like the various animals and objects that Mr Kevin showed us. We then danced while Mr Kevin played his ukulele and sang songs for us. At gardening this week, we were looking at bees. We looked at some books about bees and learnt that the honey we eat is made by bees. We then took turns standing with Miss Cathy and looking and listening to some bees that she had caught in her bug catcher. We then explored the garden and watered the plants. We loved looking at the pretty flowers and discovering new things in the garden.
Published on 2017-07-16 21:51:26 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
We started our lesson with our 'welcome to yoga song', we all sat on our knees and clapped our hands along whilst singing with Mr Kevin. Mr Kevin then started to read the story ‘Polar Bear Polar Bear, what do you hear?’ In this book, we had to guess the different animals that the polar bear could hear. When we had guessed them Mr Kevin showed us the corresponding animal yoga pose. To finish off our yoga lesson we sang hot potato, teddy bear teddy bear and laid down on our magic carpet and pretended to go on a magic carpet ride. We always have so much fun in our yoga lessons. Thank you, Mr Kevin!
Published on 2017-07-14 09:59:09 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Today in our Kindy room we had a very special visitor, Superhero Recycleman and his trusty assistant. He taught us lots of things, such as; recycling things left around the home and repurposing them for new exciting and useful things. The children were able to dress up and role play, pretending to be recycling super heroes. It was a wonderful interactive show and the children enjoyed themselves. We have a lot of future environmentalists in our class!
Published on 2017-07-13 07:05:39 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Over the past couple of weeks, we have continued looking at the different occupations of our parents. Recently, we have learnt about fire sprinkler systems from Angela. Angela showed the children the sprinkler systems, hoses and joints that keeps all the hoses together. As well as showing the children an interactive fire safety app where the children had to find the exit points in a house, call 000 in an emergency and watch what to do in case of a fire. Angela also had the children sort through some pictures to determine whether they were safe and good fires e.g. birthday candles or bad fires such as a bush fire. The children were also delighted to receive stickers, books and magnets from Angela. We also had two of our fathers. Anthony came in and talk to us about Boeing and how he is a Property SP, searching for appropriate spaces for workers, business and aeroplanes. Anthony gave each child a paper plane to take home, which was a hit with both boys and girls. After Anthony, we had Paul, who came in and talked to us about being an electrical engineer for Energex. He came in with a model of a house surrounded by powerlines, the model was complete with a light at the front of the house. The children loved playing with the model and figuring out how the light turned on and off by looking at the circuit. Paul also explained to the children that they should never touch a fallen powerline as it could hurt or even kill you. He explained that you should always tell your mum or dad so that they can call either Energex or emergency phone number. We had Sophie come in and talk to the children about being a lawyer. Sophie explained it very well to the children by using promises as her example. She told the class that lawyers help people keep their promises. We had a few children role playing in front of the class and the children also learnt about rules and the importance of following rules and if they wanted to become a lawyer that they would have to read a lot of books! We’ve also had a visit from Meredith, who came in and talk to us about being a rehabilitation doctor. She had a bag of tools which she uses at work. The children were able to see some models of bones, x-rays, tools to check reflexes and much more. Meredith gave us some exercises to check how good our reflexes were. Miss Alice was our guinea pig for these tasks, happy to say that Miss Alice is fine and healthy! Joff came in and talked to us about being a lecturer and a writer for newspapers. Joff told the children that he teaches bigger kids in much larger classrooms. He also showed us some articles that he had written in the newspaper and the children were amazed. They asked some interesting questions such as, “why do you like writing for newspapers?” Joff’s response, was basically that he likes to share his opinions with people and if it is in the paper no one can interrupt him or disagree with him. He loves how you can string words together to make something meaningful and beautiful. Recently, we had our final parent talker Anthony, come in and talk to us about being a sales rep for a steel company. Anthony showed the class steel and the different ways in which it can be used e.g. house frames. The children enjoyed the talk and learnt that in order to make things out of steel it has to be melted first then put into moulds to make different shapes. After a short break, we have started finger gym up again. The children were so excited and did extremely well with this structured experience. Finger gym for those who may not be aware is when we have four or five structured fine motor activities based on what we have been learning in class. The children have a set time to finish (no time to stop and chat) heads down and working hard. The children hear the bell ring and then they move in a clockwise direction to the next experience. The children love it and enjoy the challenge. This is a great way to get the children use to structure, writing, cooperation, concentration and developing their strength in their hands. We have been blown away with our parent talkers and would like to thank all our wonderful parents who have joined us throughout the weeks. We have enjoyed listening and learning about new occupations. We will be continuing to look at occupations for a few more weeks, so if there is anyone out there who might like to come in for a quick chat we would love to hear from you. Just tell one of the Kindy teachers and we will book you in. Hope to hear from you soon. We thank you for your positive input into the program. Kindy team
Published on 2017-07-12 05:35:30 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
The children went walking two by two to get to the garden, were we saw Miss Cath! We opened the garden gate and off we went to explore the garden for the very first time! Some of us were a bit unsure of this new environment and meeting Miss Cath for the first time. However, after some time we did adjust and began to explore. We looked at all the different, pretty coloured flowers growing in the garden and the different fruits and vegetables too. Miss Cath helped us to pick some flowers for our science experiment. Using our fine motor sensory skills, we loved holding and smelling the flowers. Miss Cath even found us a ladybug to look at it, such a tiny little creature with such beautiful colours! We hope to be able to set up some lessons with Miss Cath soon to learn more about the garden and where our food comes from.
Published on 2017-07-11 10:25:24 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Last week, in the Adelaide room, the children recognised and learnt about the Indigenous and Aboriginal culture. Their intrigued faces lit up their environment for group time and they couldn’t wait to learn and get hands-on with their learning experiences. On Tuesday, the children focused on the Aboriginal story, ‘How the Birds Got their Colours’ which was told by Mary Albert and complied by Pamela Lofts. To accompany this story, children did a coloured feather and bird seed collage on a grey piece of paper. The grey represented the bland colours that the birds used to be, the bird seed, (which was replaced with lentils) symbolised something birds enjoy eating and the coloured feathers, obviously represented the birds bright and vibrant feathers. During group time, the Adelaide children looked at two bird museum boxes and then played a bird identifying game. Their teachers gave a clue, for example, what is a bird that is pink and stands on one foot? Can you guess what it is? On Wednesday, the Adelaide children engaged in two unique art experiences that Aboriginal and Indigenous people would have experienced. The first experience had children using paint and sticks to dot paint on paper. The next art experience allowed the children to mix dirt, water and food colouring. They used resources that the Aboriginal and Indigenous people would have had in their environments on a day-to-day basis. On Thursday, the children chose the Aboriginal story, ‘The Echidna and the Shade Tree’ and listened to the story outside in the playground. This book was told by Mona Green and compiled by Pamela Lofts. To accompany the story, children used black paint and coloured match sticks to create a painting of an echidna. What an educational week in the Adelaide room!
Published on 2017-07-10 07:24:35 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Last Friday, all the children, educators and staff dressed in red for Red Nose Day and to raise awareness for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The children had barrels of laughs and lots of fun with a variety of experiences, including; spotting all the red flowers in the garden, painting red noses onto paper (using our own noses!), playing with red toys, cars and trucks, dressing up by putting big red noses on, red hand print painting, red play-dough, reading colour stories, and of course dressing in red!
Published on 2017-07-04 06:05:52 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Last week, Gregory friends had an awesome lesson with Miss Cath in the garden. Miss Cath has made a sensory garden for the Ekka. She showed us how special it is. We can smell the curry plants and taste the mint and parsley, hear the wind chimes, touch the different textures of plants and see how colourful the various plants are. It's a good opportunity for children to explore various things in the garden. Then Miss Cath read us a book called “potatoes”, which is all about how we plant the potato so we can harvest them. Miss Cath showed us we can grow the potato from a potato eye, not from seeds. Then we all had a turn to grow potatoes, we dug a hole then put the potato eye in the dirt then covered it up and said, “grow potato”! Then we blew a kiss and we all wished the potato to grow nice and strong! To finish off the lesson, Miss Cath taught us a potato song. We all sang “Fried potato, mashed potato, roasted potato, chips!” It was so fun! Thanks Miss Cath! We are all looking forward the next lesson!
Published on 2017-07-03 21:48:58 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Drip, drop, drip, drop! Did you know, when water goes on Nasturtium leaves, water either runs straight off the smooth leaves or small water droplets form? Well, last week in Miss Cath’s gardening lesson the Adelaide children investigated this theory. They used the spray bottles to wet the leaves and make small and big droplets on the leaves. The theory is true! Children also quietly hunted for the Nasturtium fairies hiding amongst the leaves and flowers. After, they explored the garden, watered the plants and had fun playing in the secret garden. What fun!
Published on 2017-07-03 09:37:29 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Monday night, our staff participated in a webinar workshop by Kirsty Fantini for our monthly staff meeting. This workshop was all about “Effective Team” and gave useful information on how to work effectively and collaboratively together as a team.
Published on 2017-06-21 10:31:25 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Don't forget your PJ's tomorrow for our Pyjama Day Party!
Published on 2017-06-20 03:15:00 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
On Friday, a very excited group of our Kindy children heading to the Hamilton Library. The children helped educator Maria to hand our old library books back to the librarian and then headed to the children’s section to choose more books to take back to Kindy. Once everyone had chosen their books, Librarian Angela began story time. We listened intently to Angela’s stories and then it was time to borrow our chosen books and head back to Kindy! It was a great morning and once again our Lyndhurst children made us so proud with their excellent behaviour and manners. Great job everyone!
Published on 2017-06-18 20:18:45 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Miss Cath was busy getting the sensory display garden entry ready for the Ekka, so unfortunately the Adelaide children didn’t have gardening this week. However, that didn’t stop the children from attending and exploring the garden. Miss Sam provided the children with the opportunity to switch things up and become the photographers in the garden. Normally, it is the teachers taking photos of the children engaging in different learning experiences. They were given an iPad to capture their photos and time to explore and take photos of whatever caught their eye. Many loved taking photos of the colourful flowers, their peers, the garden gnomes, ladybugs, a pretend lizard, Miss Cath working away and they even snapped a glimpse at the sensory garden that she was working hard on. There were many smiles and giggly faces whilst in the garden!
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Published on 2017-06-14 20:14:04 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Hi everyone, Welcome to another magical week in our kindy room. We have learnt so much this week from our amazing parents talking about their occupations. We have had Civil Engineers who talked about building structures such as bridges and tunnels. We then pretended to be Engineers and with the assistance of structural pictures the children tried their hand at planning and creating bridges, towers, tunnels and buildings. We also had Anthony who talked about being a safety manager for a mining company. He brought in lots of things to show the children, including a uniform and lots of pictures of what you might see in a mine. The children were very interested and some of our friends could try on some boots and high visibility shirts. We will also be having a talk on being a swim coach as well as a dentist. As always it has been very busy but we have learnt so much! For all our parents that would like to come in for a chat please put your name down on our roster outside our door. We would love to hear from you soon. If there is another time more suitable for you we are more than happy to accommodate your needs, just chat to one of the teachers in the room. Chat soon, Kindy team
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Bonjour! The Gregory friends had an awesome lesson with Miss Natacha last week. We read a book called “Penelope” (Pe'ne ' lope a Paris), it's about three little bears who visit some famous places in Paris. We all loved this book because the three little bears pop out from the book and surprise us! Then, Miss Natacha showed us a video. This video was about how the baker makes bread in the shop. Miss Natacha made some bread from salt dough, eg: apple tart (la tarte aux pommes), chocolate 'eclair' (l'eclair au chocolat), different kind of bread (le pain .la baguette, le croissant), we all had a turn to hold them and pretend to eat them. To finish off our lesson, Miss Natacha taught us some new songs, including “five little ducks” (Cinq petits canrds) and butterfly (Vole papillon). We all enjoyed singing songs with Miss Natacha! At yoga with Mr.Kevin, we read a book called “ Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear?” Then we did some poses just like the animals in the book. We waved our arms like a monkey then we sat on our knees and showed everyone our paws then made a “roar”. It was very funny when we all pretended to be like a lion, we even scared Mr. kevin! Then we stood in a circle and danced with Mr.Kevin and our liverpool friends. We love yoga class with Mr. Kevin, it is always so much fun!
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Pie drive order forms and money (cash only) due tomorrow (Wednesday 14th June) by 10am to ensure delivery on the 21st June.
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Today we had a very special visitor, SGT Kristy from the Hendra police station. Sgt Kristy came in to the Bayview room and spoke to us about how the police help the community. She spoke about how we can help the police by always being aware of our surroundings and we should give a big wave whenever we see a police car driving past. We then showed Sgt Kristy our police station and all the art experiences we have done to create our police station. She was very impressed with our art and how much interest we showed in the police force. Sgt Kristy then sat down in the police station and did some role playing with us! We pretended there was a big emergency and helped her solve the case. We then all walked down through the garden and out to the car park to her police car. We all had a turn at sitting in the police car and some of us even got to sit in the driver’s seat. Sgt Kristy showed us her radio and how she communicates with other police cars. We then all sat down outside the police car and counted to three together and watched the lights and siren. The siren was so loud! To finish off our excursion we gave Sgt Kristy a gift that we had made for her and waved good bye as she drove away with the siren and lights on. What an amazing experience!
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This weekend, nominated supervisor Kate and her partner Scott, Alyssa, Susan, Alice, Nicola, Kirsty, Cathy and her son Michael and his partner Meg came to give Kindy/Adelaide, Gregory/Liverpool sandpit some brand-new sand. We all worked hard to empty out the old sand and put in the new sand. We would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who came in to help for the morning and for all your efforts. It is very much appreciated. All our sandpits also received brand new covers and we must say they look fabulous!
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This week, in yoga with Mr Kevin, we started our yoga lesson with singing our welcome to yoga song. We then read a book called Dear Zoo. During this story, we did different yoga poses for each animal, which was sent by the zoo. We all did an amazing job balancing and being flexible but our favourite part is getting to roar loudly like lions and acting like cheeky monkeys. We ended our yoga lesson with some dancing and singing to our favourite wiggle songs! Thank you, Mr Kevin.
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At the moment, we are very interested in books, puppets and songs so we love the fact that this is how Miss Natasha teaches us about colours, animals, fruits, vegetables and numbers. We sit very nicely on the mat and listen as Miss Natasha reads us stories about 'the wide mouth frog' as well as using a very familiar book 'That’s not my teddy' and we all love looking at the pictures and learning the names of the animals in French. During the songs we sing, Miss Natasha uses lots of puppets and we love having turns and cuddles of each of the fluffy animal puppets. We are getting very familiar with the songs and are able to join in by clapping, stomping and doing other actions. We are learning so much and we love seeing Miss Natacha each week.
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In gardening with Miss Cath, we learnt about how seeds grow, how the roots grow down and the stems grow up! We also looked at various seeds, some were mystery seeds as Miss Cath had misplaced the labels on some packets. We also planted some beetroot seeds and then compared them to some lettuce seeds. The children enjoyed listening to stories about growing seeds and the children were amazed to learn that chocolate comes from a seed! The children also loved searching for the lady beetles and collected them for comparison with their friends. In French with Miss Natacha we learnt about the different fruits. Once again, we played a game where we had to choose a piece of fruit from the basket and then when Miss Natacha called the fruit in French we had to hold it up in the air. We also read the French version of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' with Miss Natacha's help, as we are getting very good at learning the different foods in French. In drama Miss Hannah and Miss Lucy asked us to think about our own individual special superhero power and then we had to show a partner what our special superhero power was. Some of our superhero powers were very creative. In Yoga with Mr Kevin we read the story 'Dear Zoo' and then we used the animals in the book for inspiration for our yoga poses. Some of the poses included; elephant and snake. At the end of the lesson we practised our meditation and relaxation skills.
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Gregory friends had a fantastic week with Miss Natacha in our French lesson last week. We learnt about fruit and Miss Natacha brought in some fruit toys for us to explore. We all had a turn to hold the fruit and say the name of each fruit e.g Apple (Pomme), banana (banane), strawberry (fraise), grape (grain de ` raisin), tomato (tomate). We then we sang a song called “J'aime les fruit. After our song, Miss Natacha read us a book called “La pomme, et d'autres fruits”, which was about the cross-section views of fruit. Then we had to name the fruit which we were holding before we put it back in Miss Natacha's basket. To finish off our lesson, we sang plenty of songs. We all wanted to hold Miss Natacha's hands and dance together! It was so much fun! Last week during gardening with Miss Cath, we talked about worms, we all had a turn to look at and hold them. They were very wriggly, some of our friends were very brave, some of us even put the worms on our hats. We can't wait till next gardening lesson.
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What a funky type of day! We had our Funky visitor today in Kindy; The Funky Chicken! The children were super excited and loved every minute of the (2hr) show. The author Chris Collin was blown away with the amount of effort we had put into making the funky chicken as well as the beautiful artwork we had done yesterday. The children listened to all of Chris’s stories; The Funky Chicken, A Bug called Doug and Chooks in space. We danced to the Funky Chicken and learnt a new song about Doug the Bug! We met some of the characters out of the books; Funky Chicken, Sneaky Cros, Doug the Bug and Pos the Possum. We had some role playing using costumes for each story, had the opportunity to see a real ‘Doug the bug’, as well as an art experience at the end of the show. We were given instructions on how Chris drew the Funky Chicken, Doug the Bug and the spaceship from Chooks in Space and were able to draw our very own interpretations. Thank you so much Chris for your time today. I think it’s safe to say the morning was enjoyed by all!
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On Wednesday, it Simultaneous Story Time. Every year a book is read at 11am in libraries, schools, kindergartens and childcare centre etc. across Australia. This year, the Hamilton Library invited the Lyndhurst Kindy class down to the library to participate in Simultaneous Story Time. This year’s book was “The Cow Tripped Over The Moon” written by Tony Wilson and illustrated by Laura Wood. Everyone was so excited. The first group of children that arrived at the library joined by, Miss Nicole, Miss Kylie and Miss Kristy and were lucky enough to listen to a few stories told by Miss Kristy and then selected some books to borrow. This first group borrowed out the books for the class. We focused on some occupational books for our upcoming unit: occupations. The second group joined us and we continued to have small groups of children gather around the teachers, reading books that the children had selected themselves. By the time the third group joined us it was time for our story. First we sang the Children’s Acknowledgement to the Country and a few other songs and then when it was 11am. The children listened to the story, (which is based on the popular nursery rhyme ‘Hey Diddle, Diddle’) how the cow tried to jump over the moon, but instead kept tripping over the it. It was very funny and after eight attempts the cow finally made it over the moon. After the story the children were given the opportunity to participate in some craft. While the children coloured in the characters from the book and made their own puppets, we started to take some groups of children back to Kindy. All the children were so well behaved and made all the educators extremely proud. We would like to thank Librarian Angela for the invitation to come to the Library to participate in Simultaneous Story Time for 2017. We look forward to returning with our small groups in a few weeks’ time!
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Kindy extra-curricular activities Gardening In gardening with Miss Cath, the children helped to harvest the sweet potatoes. Miss Cath then spoke about the assorted colours of the potatoes; there were orange, white and purple. The children also investigated the solar powered water fountain in the garden. Miss Cath explained that the sun made the water run and the children were very interested in how the sun powered the fountain to make the water run. We also looked at different bugs that live in the garden and searched for lady beetles. Miss Cath read us some stories about lady beetles and other garden bugs. French In French with Miss Natacha we are learning about different foods and this week we learnt about the different fruits. Miss Natacha played a game with us where we picked a piece of fruit out of the picnic basket and then Miss Natacha used the French word for the fruit and we had to try and remember and then place it in the basket when she called out the fruit we were holding. We also sang songs about fruit and read a 'Troto' story where he made his parents breakfast in bed. Drama In drama, we continued with our superhero theme. We had to create a mask that represented our superhero and when we had finished Miss Hannah pinned our crests onto our bodies that we had made the week earlier and we were finally real superheroes ready to save the world from any danger.
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Bonjour! Last week with Miss Natacha in French we extended on our lesson on food. Miss Natacha brought in a felt board and some felt pieces and she created a picture of a beach picnic. Natacha also share with us some plastic picnic food e.g: cheese (le fromage), bread (le Pain), salad (la salade), pizza (la pizza) and juice (le jus). We all enjoyed pretending to eat the food. Then Miss Natacha read us a story called “The Big Wide Mouthed Frog”. While reading the book, we also had a turn to hold the puppet and play with it. We then sang and danced with Miss Natacha and pretended we were sleeping bunnies so that we could lay down on the mat and have a good rest until Miss Natacha woke us up. It is so much fun in French. We are looking forward to our French classes this week!
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Last week, Leeanne and the Sandgate team did a wonderful job getting the room ready for its freshen up. Over the weekend, the painters worked hard to ensure the room was ready to go today. We think it’s safe to say, the room looks fantastic. A big thank you to the Sandgate team and our team of painters!
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