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Hedgehogs with Hats, Hippos in Houses, Hammerhead sharks in Helicopters and Humpback Whales doing Hopscotch. At OSHC, anything is possible! This week at Clayfield OSHC, we welcomed some more scaly friends to our fish tank. Come on into the centre and have a seat and watch our friends swim freely – one of our favourite things to do. This week, the staff pulled out the garden to prepare to make a mysterious garden that the children will get to interact with. Due to this, we had to remove our flourishing Capsicum plant. But before we could do so, during Before School Care, the staff asked one of our children to remove the remaining Capsicums so we could eat them for afternoon-tea. For craft this week, the children made Plastic Bag Hippos with pipe-cleaner legs, Hammerhead shark, heart and humpback whale pegs, Hedgehogs with match sticks and fork painting and Helicopters with paddy pans. We are getting closer to the Easter break, where we will pause our usual craft activities and enjoy making lots of bunny, eggs, chocolate and basket crafts for the children to take home. Over the past few weeks some of the children, staff and yes, of course you, the parents, have been contributing to a great course. One of our staff members has volunteered to shave her hair to raise money and awareness for World’s Greatest Shave. Next week on Friday between 3:30pm -4:00pm, Tiegan will be getting the Clayfield OSHC staff to cut and shave her hair. The staff will also be colouring their hair with Hair Chalk. If children wish to colour their hair, please bring a gold coin donation to contribute to the Leukaemia Foundation. Parents and children are welcome to come and watch the action happen and colour their hair.
Published on 2017-03-10 09:49:19 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
Goodness, Gracious me, there seems to be a grumpy giraffe beating at my door. He said to me, way up in the sky, “Hi my name is Geoffrey, how are you? There seems to be a noisy group of gnomes in your garden, it’s a bit bizarre.” “A noisy group of gnomes you say?” “Yes” said the grumbled the giraffe. “One is playing a guitar loudly, while others sing and laugh.” I walked outside to see a gleeful gnome, sitting in the middle of my garden, he was strumming his glittery guitar, he saw me say something and said, “Pardon?” He had an audience who swayed to the song. He paused before yelling, “Sing along”. “We enjoyed making our very own gardens out of disposable paper plates, with paddy pans and paddle pop sticks with our mates. We blew into a straw, to make giant yellow and green bubbles, we placed our paper atop with so little trouble. We loved to paint our hands yellow and brown, to create our own giraffes, We cut the green bubbled paper, to use as long grass. We had so much fun painting some noisy paper guitars, with buttons and glowing colours, pretending to play louder than a race car. And we were pleased to make our gnomes with giant pointy hats, out of rolled out of paper and toilet rolls before we made them sit down and chat.” By the end of the song I was swaying with glee, with my new friends the gnomes and grumpy Geoffrey. I said goodbye to my newly made friends, wandered inside and went to bed. I hope you enjoyed this story rhyme, we will see you same place next week for some more fun times!
Published on 2017-03-08 20:40:19 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques, Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? Fish fingers, fairy floss, flies and frogs, fish, fairy bread, Fridays and fun! These are a few of our favourite things here at OSHC – maybe not the flies! But we did love doing the fly craft one of our staff organised for us, made from toilet rolls and felt. For our craft activities for the letter F last week, we made Lantern Frogs with springy legs and a long rollie tongue. We also made Fire works with PVA glue, salt and water-based paints, finger paintings and enjoyed having our faces painted on Friday. The staff also made Fairy Bread for the centre to enjoy – with butter, bread and 100s&1000s. Through the last few weeks, the staff have been preparing afternoon-tea before the children arrive for the afternoon. Every day we try to switch it up a bit and give the children the chance to taste different foods. Our sandwiches have become very diverse. We have been buying different meat like corned beef, roast chicken, salami and roast beef, as well as adding pickle spread, curried eggs and diary, nut and gluten-free chocolate spread. As the holidays draw near, the staff have been asking the children what activities they would like to do during the Easter holidays. A few activities to look out for during the coming holidays – Boggo Road Gaol, Ice Skating, Western Day and Garden Day.
Published on 2017-03-02 04:11:54 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care