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In gardening with Miss Cath, we learnt about how seeds grow, how the roots grow down and the stems grow up! We also looked at various seeds, some were mystery seeds as Miss Cath had misplaced the labels on some packets. We also planted some beetroot seeds and then compared them to some lettuce seeds. The children enjoyed listening to stories about growing seeds and the children were amazed to learn that chocolate comes from a seed! The children also loved searching for the lady beetles and collected them for comparison with their friends. In French with Miss Natacha we learnt about the different fruits. Once again, we played a game where we had to choose a piece of fruit from the basket and then when Miss Natacha called the fruit in French we had to hold it up in the air. We also read the French version of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' with Miss Natacha's help, as we are getting very good at learning the different foods in French. In drama Miss Hannah and Miss Lucy asked us to think about our own individual special superhero power and then we had to show a partner what our special superhero power was. Some of our superhero powers were very creative. In Yoga with Mr Kevin we read the story 'Dear Zoo' and then we used the animals in the book for inspiration for our yoga poses. Some of the poses included; elephant and snake. At the end of the lesson we practised our meditation and relaxation skills.
Published on 2017-05-31 11:06:41 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Gregory friends had a fantastic week with Miss Natacha in our French lesson last week. We learnt about fruit and Miss Natacha brought in some fruit toys for us to explore. We all had a turn to hold the fruit and say the name of each fruit e.g Apple (Pomme), banana (banane), strawberry (fraise), grape (grain de ` raisin), tomato (tomate). We then we sang a song called “J'aime les fruit. After our song, Miss Natacha read us a book called “La pomme, et d'autres fruits”, which was about the cross-section views of fruit. Then we had to name the fruit which we were holding before we put it back in Miss Natacha's basket. To finish off our lesson, we sang plenty of songs. We all wanted to hold Miss Natacha's hands and dance together! It was so much fun! Last week during gardening with Miss Cath, we talked about worms, we all had a turn to look at and hold them. They were very wriggly, some of our friends were very brave, some of us even put the worms on our hats. We can't wait till next gardening lesson.
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What a funky type of day! We had our Funky visitor today in Kindy; The Funky Chicken! The children were super excited and loved every minute of the (2hr) show. The author Chris Collin was blown away with the amount of effort we had put into making the funky chicken as well as the beautiful artwork we had done yesterday. The children listened to all of Chris’s stories; The Funky Chicken, A Bug called Doug and Chooks in space. We danced to the Funky Chicken and learnt a new song about Doug the Bug! We met some of the characters out of the books; Funky Chicken, Sneaky Cros, Doug the Bug and Pos the Possum. We had some role playing using costumes for each story, had the opportunity to see a real ‘Doug the bug’, as well as an art experience at the end of the show. We were given instructions on how Chris drew the Funky Chicken, Doug the Bug and the spaceship from Chooks in Space and were able to draw our very own interpretations. Thank you so much Chris for your time today. I think it’s safe to say the morning was enjoyed by all!
Published on 2017-05-30 08:59:11 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
There is only three weeks left of Term 2 for Clayfield children and four for Eagle Junction. The holidays couldn’t come fast enough. We have so much fun and exciting things planned for the June July vacation period. Do you like to hunt for treasure, dance like no one is watching, catch up on the newest movies or celebrate Christmas…in July? Well I don’t want to spoil anything but, Clayfield Outside School Hours Care is the place to go for this during June and July. Last week we didn’t have too many options for Q week but our staff love a challenge. Staff have been improving their cook skills in the kitchen, preparing last week’s afternoon-tea options. We had warm Quesadillas with chicken, avocado, cheese, tomatoes, ham and mayonnaise, baked Quiche, Quick Chicken Chow Mein and Stir Fry. The children have started to enjoy the surprise of what is available for afternoon-tea. They line up, grab fruit and sandwiches and have a small taste test. If they like what they taste, the children come up for seconds. In the mornings, with more children attending, all with different ideas of what they like for breakfast, we have now improved our morning menu. We have heaps of hot and tasty meals, like fried eggs and toast, to the cooler option of Fruit and Yoghurt. During before school care, with the rule of no technology before 7:30am, the children have become more interactive with staff and getting involved in the art and craft available for the afternoons. As we set up the craft, the children are at the table asking what they get to make. This is fabulous, as we like to use their masterpieces as the demos for the afternoon children. Last week we got to use Quills! Quills are simply just feather tips dipped in food colouring or water-based paints. The children wrote their names and draw pictures, and simply just drew lines upon lines. We were able to ask ourselves the harder questions in life last week. “How many colours are really in the rainbow”, “Why are we here” and “Who is Jennifer Lopez’s biggest fan?” The children filled out their questions into a big Question Mark and decorated it as they pleased. One afternoon the staff made a quiz for the children to answer. We all sat at the table in three big groups and answered some questions quietly, so the other teams couldn’t hear our answers! This was a hard task, as some whispers could be hard from the other side of the room. We also became Queens (and kings of course) for the day by making Queen crowns. We used paper plates, cut into the middle to create the spikes of the crown and decorated them with sequins, pompoms, glitter, paint or simply just draw on them. To celebrate the land we walk, work and learn on, we celebrated Queensland and everything great about it. Staff printed off different pictures for the children to dot paint on with Q-tips. There was a Crocodile, Palm trees, Sunshine and a rainbow, as well as the Big Pineapple and a football; QLD or NSW. We had a big week last week and this week is even bigger. See you all this afternoon or later this week!
Published on 2017-05-30 05:10:04 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
On Wednesday, it Simultaneous Story Time. Every year a book is read at 11am in libraries, schools, kindergartens and childcare centre etc. across Australia. This year, the Hamilton Library invited the Lyndhurst Kindy class down to the library to participate in Simultaneous Story Time. This year’s book was “The Cow Tripped Over The Moon” written by Tony Wilson and illustrated by Laura Wood. Everyone was so excited. The first group of children that arrived at the library joined by, Miss Nicole, Miss Kylie and Miss Kristy and were lucky enough to listen to a few stories told by Miss Kristy and then selected some books to borrow. This first group borrowed out the books for the class. We focused on some occupational books for our upcoming unit: occupations. The second group joined us and we continued to have small groups of children gather around the teachers, reading books that the children had selected themselves. By the time the third group joined us it was time for our story. First we sang the Children’s Acknowledgement to the Country and a few other songs and then when it was 11am. The children listened to the story, (which is based on the popular nursery rhyme ‘Hey Diddle, Diddle’) how the cow tried to jump over the moon, but instead kept tripping over the it. It was very funny and after eight attempts the cow finally made it over the moon. After the story the children were given the opportunity to participate in some craft. While the children coloured in the characters from the book and made their own puppets, we started to take some groups of children back to Kindy. All the children were so well behaved and made all the educators extremely proud. We would like to thank Librarian Angela for the invitation to come to the Library to participate in Simultaneous Story Time for 2017. We look forward to returning with our small groups in a few weeks’ time!
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Kindy extra-curricular activities Gardening In gardening with Miss Cath, the children helped to harvest the sweet potatoes. Miss Cath then spoke about the assorted colours of the potatoes; there were orange, white and purple. The children also investigated the solar powered water fountain in the garden. Miss Cath explained that the sun made the water run and the children were very interested in how the sun powered the fountain to make the water run. We also looked at different bugs that live in the garden and searched for lady beetles. Miss Cath read us some stories about lady beetles and other garden bugs. French In French with Miss Natacha we are learning about different foods and this week we learnt about the different fruits. Miss Natacha played a game with us where we picked a piece of fruit out of the picnic basket and then Miss Natacha used the French word for the fruit and we had to try and remember and then place it in the basket when she called out the fruit we were holding. We also sang songs about fruit and read a 'Troto' story where he made his parents breakfast in bed. Drama In drama, we continued with our superhero theme. We had to create a mask that represented our superhero and when we had finished Miss Hannah pinned our crests onto our bodies that we had made the week earlier and we were finally real superheroes ready to save the world from any danger.
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Bonjour! Last week with Miss Natacha in French we extended on our lesson on food. Miss Natacha brought in a felt board and some felt pieces and she created a picture of a beach picnic. Natacha also share with us some plastic picnic food e.g: cheese (le fromage), bread (le Pain), salad (la salade), pizza (la pizza) and juice (le jus). We all enjoyed pretending to eat the food. Then Miss Natacha read us a story called “The Big Wide Mouthed Frog”. While reading the book, we also had a turn to hold the puppet and play with it. We then sang and danced with Miss Natacha and pretended we were sleeping bunnies so that we could lay down on the mat and have a good rest until Miss Natacha woke us up. It is so much fun in French. We are looking forward to our French classes this week!
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Last week, Leeanne and the Sandgate team did a wonderful job getting the room ready for its freshen up. Over the weekend, the painters worked hard to ensure the room was ready to go today. We think it’s safe to say, the room looks fantastic. A big thank you to the Sandgate team and our team of painters!
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This week in Leichhardt the room have been focusing on the theme of 'friendship'. They each took turns printing handprints to create a group friendship poster. They also did some counting with leaves and conducted a science experiment to see if leaves float or sink when dropped.
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