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This past week in Flinders the room have been exploring the topic of Space, an extension upon a number of the children's interests in the Moon and Stars! They made a fantastic, giant rocket ship today and some paper plate planets which they have hung like a mobile from the ceiling in the room.
Published on 2017-06-28 06:38:28 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
Wow, didn’t the first week of Vacation Care fly by. Last week we had our Clayfield children on holidays with us, as well as our Eagle Junction families finishing off Term 2. Last week we began the week being Detectives for the day. We made a Suspect board with each child featuring on the board, along with a ‘Mug Shot’ and a footprint. We solved a CSI crime scene with real clues and suspects. Turns out it was Aaron who stole the Mint cookies from the jar. The children had to work together to figure out the clues and make them to our suspect list. To top it off the children made Salt dough to take phone with their thumb print on it. We had a lovely day down at Kalanga Park with our Clayfield children. We had a big play on the playground with our friends before beginning our movies. They children were given a list of genres and rules to follow when filming their videos. The children spent most of their time in their groups writing down ideas and filming. The results were quite entertaining to both staff and the children. For our Cook off Day these holidays we made some Vanilla Slice, Sausage rolls and classic Scones. The children always have a blast at our cooking days during vacation care, especially tasting the finishing results. The children enjoyed the rest of their day playing amongst friends and appreciating their time away from school. Another excursion available for the week was a trip to Toombul Cinemas to watch the newest movie, Cars 3. It was a delightful and a great family movie and the children and staff loved it. Once we got back to the centre the children sat down as a group and had a colouring in competition. Our last day of the week we hosted a Sports Day. The sports that we played weren’t like your average sports like Soccer or Football. We played Frisbee Golf, Balloon Darts and Capture the Flag, as well as Balloon tennis and a Paper plane competition. By the end of the day, the children were all so sport-ed out. What a successful first week of the June July school holidays. We are so excited to see all your faces this week to enjoy Tiddlywinks, Disco Day and Mini golf!
Published on 2017-06-27 21:16:44 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
This morning it was Leichhardt and Warrego's turn for the Bus Wash excursion. The children were very excited to board the bus and provide their tickets to the bus driver. They also enjoyed a bit of window spotting and experiencing the bus wash itself!
Published on 2017-06-27 06:42:46 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
This morning Diamantina & Latrobe rooms went on their Bus wash excursion! The children were very excited to catch the bus and give their tickets to the driver! They also saw some broken buses being fixed in the bus depot before going through the bus wash itself!
Published on 2017-06-22 06:38:32 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
Monday night, our staff participated in a webinar workshop by Kirsty Fantini for our monthly staff meeting. This workshop was all about “Effective Team” and gave useful information on how to work effectively and collaboratively together as a team.
Published on 2017-06-21 10:31:25 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Don't forget your PJ's tomorrow for our Pyjama Day Party!
Published on 2017-06-20 03:15:00 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Leichhardt room have been focusing on the topic of Fairy tales over the past few weeks and to wrap up their topic, last Friday they had a Gruffalo Birthday Party! They made some yummy Gruffalo themed party food and got a surprise visit from the Gruffalo themselves! Well done to Educator Tahlia who did a fantastic job of making the Gruffalo's costume and to Educator Trish who acts as an excellent Gruffalo!
Published on 2017-06-19 05:51:56 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
On Friday, a very excited group of our Kindy children heading to the Hamilton Library. The children helped educator Maria to hand our old library books back to the librarian and then headed to the children’s section to choose more books to take back to Kindy. Once everyone had chosen their books, Librarian Angela began story time. We listened intently to Angela’s stories and then it was time to borrow our chosen books and head back to Kindy! It was a great morning and once again our Lyndhurst children made us so proud with their excellent behaviour and manners. Great job everyone!
Published on 2017-06-18 20:18:45 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Vacation Care starts Monday! We are very excited for all the holiday fun that we have on offer. If you still require care please contact the centre on 32620271 or at
Published on 2017-06-16 09:01:27 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
This week in Diamantina the room have been making a seasonal winter tree using cotton wool balls. They have also been making their own Milo which they enjoyed mixing together and tasting!
Published on 2017-06-16 06:06:15 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
Miss Cath was busy getting the sensory display garden entry ready for the Ekka, so unfortunately the Adelaide children didn’t have gardening this week. However, that didn’t stop the children from attending and exploring the garden. Miss Sam provided the children with the opportunity to switch things up and become the photographers in the garden. Normally, it is the teachers taking photos of the children engaging in different learning experiences. They were given an iPad to capture their photos and time to explore and take photos of whatever caught their eye. Many loved taking photos of the colourful flowers, their peers, the garden gnomes, ladybugs, a pretend lizard, Miss Cath working away and they even snapped a glimpse at the sensory garden that she was working hard on. There were many smiles and giggly faces whilst in the garden!
Published on 2017-06-15 21:15:14 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Published on 2017-06-14 20:14:04 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Hi everyone, Welcome to another magical week in our kindy room. We have learnt so much this week from our amazing parents talking about their occupations. We have had Civil Engineers who talked about building structures such as bridges and tunnels. We then pretended to be Engineers and with the assistance of structural pictures the children tried their hand at planning and creating bridges, towers, tunnels and buildings. We also had Anthony who talked about being a safety manager for a mining company. He brought in lots of things to show the children, including a uniform and lots of pictures of what you might see in a mine. The children were very interested and some of our friends could try on some boots and high visibility shirts. We will also be having a talk on being a swim coach as well as a dentist. As always it has been very busy but we have learnt so much! For all our parents that would like to come in for a chat please put your name down on our roster outside our door. We would love to hear from you soon. If there is another time more suitable for you we are more than happy to accommodate your needs, just chat to one of the teachers in the room. Chat soon, Kindy team
Published on 2017-06-14 09:40:02 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
With the onslaught of leaves we have had fall recently, Flinders room definitely have been enjoying playing outside in the yard!
Published on 2017-06-14 06:27:34 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
Bonjour! The Gregory friends had an awesome lesson with Miss Natacha last week. We read a book called “Penelope” (Pe'ne ' lope a Paris), it's about three little bears who visit some famous places in Paris. We all loved this book because the three little bears pop out from the book and surprise us! Then, Miss Natacha showed us a video. This video was about how the baker makes bread in the shop. Miss Natacha made some bread from salt dough, eg: apple tart (la tarte aux pommes), chocolate 'eclair' (l'eclair au chocolat), different kind of bread (le pain .la baguette, le croissant), we all had a turn to hold them and pretend to eat them. To finish off our lesson, Miss Natacha taught us some new songs, including “five little ducks” (Cinq petits canrds) and butterfly (Vole papillon). We all enjoyed singing songs with Miss Natacha! At yoga with Mr.Kevin, we read a book called “ Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear?” Then we did some poses just like the animals in the book. We waved our arms like a monkey then we sat on our knees and showed everyone our paws then made a “roar”. It was very funny when we all pretended to be like a lion, we even scared Mr. kevin! Then we stood in a circle and danced with Mr.Kevin and our liverpool friends. We love yoga class with Mr. Kevin, it is always so much fun!
Published on 2017-06-13 09:02:15 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Pie drive order forms and money (cash only) due tomorrow (Wednesday 14th June) by 10am to ensure delivery on the 21st June.
Published on 2017-06-12 21:04:45 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
This morning Catrina visited Warrego, Leichhardt, Diamantina & Latrobe rooms to show how the ways and what we celebrate around the world can be very different! The children went on a journey with music, dance, costumes and stories to learn about popular celebrations and some lesser known ones from around the globe.
Published on 2017-06-09 05:10:18 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
Published on 2017-06-06 07:40:14 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
Today we had a very special visitor, SGT Kristy from the Hendra police station. Sgt Kristy came in to the Bayview room and spoke to us about how the police help the community. She spoke about how we can help the police by always being aware of our surroundings and we should give a big wave whenever we see a police car driving past. We then showed Sgt Kristy our police station and all the art experiences we have done to create our police station. She was very impressed with our art and how much interest we showed in the police force. Sgt Kristy then sat down in the police station and did some role playing with us! We pretended there was a big emergency and helped her solve the case. We then all walked down through the garden and out to the car park to her police car. We all had a turn at sitting in the police car and some of us even got to sit in the driver’s seat. Sgt Kristy showed us her radio and how she communicates with other police cars. We then all sat down outside the police car and counted to three together and watched the lights and siren. The siren was so loud! To finish off our excursion we gave Sgt Kristy a gift that we had made for her and waved good bye as she drove away with the siren and lights on. What an amazing experience!
Published on 2017-06-06 05:14:48 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Published on 2017-06-05 10:07:58 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
This weekend, nominated supervisor Kate and her partner Scott, Alyssa, Susan, Alice, Nicola, Kirsty, Cathy and her son Michael and his partner Meg came to give Kindy/Adelaide, Gregory/Liverpool sandpit some brand-new sand. We all worked hard to empty out the old sand and put in the new sand. We would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who came in to help for the morning and for all your efforts. It is very much appreciated. All our sandpits also received brand new covers and we must say they look fabulous!
Published on 2017-06-05 01:55:50 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Please click on the following link for the June/July edition of eNews
Published on 2017-06-02 07:41:44 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Our Street Libraries are set up and ready to go! We hope all of our families take some time to browse through the boxes and find a book to read and share. Nipperville has always encouraged reading and early literacy skills and we felt that creating a Street Library would be a great way to encourage these skills and connect with the community at the same time. There are two libraries, one for children's books and one for adult books. We are also taking donations of used books, you can simply do this by 'taking a book and leaving another book' in its place! Alternatively if you have a large collection you can donate these to the office. Happy Reading! :)
Published on 2017-06-02 05:37:50 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
This week, in yoga with Mr Kevin, we started our yoga lesson with singing our welcome to yoga song. We then read a book called Dear Zoo. During this story, we did different yoga poses for each animal, which was sent by the zoo. We all did an amazing job balancing and being flexible but our favourite part is getting to roar loudly like lions and acting like cheeky monkeys. We ended our yoga lesson with some dancing and singing to our favourite wiggle songs! Thank you, Mr Kevin.
Published on 2017-06-02 00:28:52 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
We have had such a great turn out of donations already for our Winter Charity Drive that our foyer was getting a bit full! We decided to do an initial drop off to St Margaret's Church in Hackett for their Tuckerbox program with the donations we had already collected. Thank you to all those who have donated for your generosity. Our Charity Drive remains open until 3rd July for additional donations :)
Published on 2017-06-01 06:08:42 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
At the moment, we are very interested in books, puppets and songs so we love the fact that this is how Miss Natasha teaches us about colours, animals, fruits, vegetables and numbers. We sit very nicely on the mat and listen as Miss Natasha reads us stories about 'the wide mouth frog' as well as using a very familiar book 'That’s not my teddy' and we all love looking at the pictures and learning the names of the animals in French. During the songs we sing, Miss Natasha uses lots of puppets and we love having turns and cuddles of each of the fluffy animal puppets. We are getting very familiar with the songs and are able to join in by clapping, stomping and doing other actions. We are learning so much and we love seeing Miss Natacha each week.
Published on 2017-06-01 03:19:00 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre