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OSHC has been moving smoothly through our ‘Journey Through Time’ theme over the past few weeks. We have now arrived in the Ancient times. Last week, we stepped into Ancient China, with dragons, pandas, lanterns, and the Great Wall of China. The children enjoyed using neon paints to decorate some paper plates with patterns and pictures. Once they had finished painting as many plates as they liked, staff stringed all the plates together into a long line, to make a Dragon body, then we added legs, a tail, and a big Dragon head, with flames. The children also made little paddy pan dragons to go into their scrapbooks too. They glued the paddy pans onto black paper and added eyes and legs. The staff taught the children how to make Chinese lanterns from colourful paper. This was a little difficult, so they had plenty of help from staff to complete our craft. We used forks to texturize our panda bear faces with red backgrounds and big black pompom noses and the staff and children also had fun sponging paint onto the Great Wall of China. Recently, staff have been using vegetable scraps to try and see if we can grow our own vegetables. We have some chives, tomatoes, celery in our garden and now we are trying to grow some Broccoli. We put the scraps into a container with some water in the bottom. We are waiting for about a week to see if the scraps start to sprout some new growth. Come and have a look in the garden sometime this week to see if our Broccoli has started to sprout. Some of you may have noticed that two of our staff have disappeared. A lot of the children keep asking if they have left. Claire and Zac have been away on Practical Placement for a while and will return for the September holidays. Last week we Face-Timed Claire to wish her a Happy Birthday. She showed us the school she was teaching at and was very excited to see all our happy faces. On Friday, the children came to school dressed up for Book Week. We had so many cool costumes like Princesses, butterflies, mice and superheros and book characters like Harry Potter. We had a great week, and this was the icing on the cake.
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Congratulations Cathy, Kate and Lyndhurst children for coming second in the Ekka School Garden competition for 2017. All your hard work and efforts have certainly paid off. Thank you to all families and staff who sent in photos of you visiting our garden while the Ekka was on. The Garden will be back at Lyndhurst tomorrow for everyone to enjoy!
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This week has been a exciting one in Diamantina as we explored and experimented with magnets and science experiments . our favourite was bicarb and vinegar volcano LO4
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Talking Fingers Learning Sign Language in The Gregory Room As Miss Nicola is hearing impaired, we decided to teach the children some basic alphabet and numeracy signing in sign language. Sign language is a system of communication using visual gestures and signs, as used by hearing impaired people. During group time, Miss Nicola, using her sign language poster sat with the children and demonstrate the correct hand signal for each letter or number. The children all understood that people who can’t hear as well as they do, use sign language as a means of ‘talking’ and communicating with other people. And that just like learning French, sign language is also a language that is learnt over time too. Despite there being some tricky hand/finger manoeuvres all the children were determined to have a go at signing, thus trying to understand what it is like to ‘speak’ if they were hearing impaired. It was really sweet watching all their determined faces and fingers trying to sign.
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We have had so much fun over the past couple of weeks in our extra-curricular activities. In French, we have learnt about transport and farm animals. We have also learnt a variety new songs, that we love singing and dancing along to. Natacha’s new stories have also been a big hit with all the children. During yoga, one of the children’s favourite stories is 'Dear Zoo'. We love lifting the flap and seeing the different animals. We then enjoy pretending to be the animal. Our absolute favourite part of Yoga is singing and dancing at the end of the session. In our gardening lessons, we have learnt about different creatures that live in the garden. We have explored a variety of different insects including; bees, ladybugs and grasshoppers and all sorts of other animals. We love watering the plants and looking at the beautiful flowers! Thank you, Natacha, Kevin and Cathy!
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This week Warrego and Leichhardt children got to go exploring at Questacon. The children were fascinated with all the hands on experiences they were able to participate in .What a great day for experimenting,Hypothesisng,and investigating. We also participated in construction and pretend play. What a fantastic day L.O4 L.O5
Published on 2017-08-10 06:25:08 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
Today Nominator Supervisor Kate and Cathy delivered our sensory garden to the EKKA for the school garden competition for 2017. I think it’s safe to say it is looking fabulous! If you are heading to the EKKA this year and would like to visit our garden, head to the Flower and Garden section of the old museum. If you do visit our garden, make sure you get some photos and send them into us.
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Pigs go “Oink,” and cows go, “Moo.” These are animals that live on the farm. Lions go “Roar,” and monkeys go “Oo oo ahh ahhh.” These animals don’t live on the farm. During the Adelaide children’s extra-curricular activities, they explored different animals and environments. In yoga, Mr Kevin read the book, ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Can You See?’ and based his positions and stretches on the animals in the book. Children balanced on one foot like a flamingo, they bucked their legs like zebras and they roared like lions. These animals don’t live on farms, however, the Adelaide children loved exploring the unique animals that live all over the world. In French, Miss Natacha focused her lesson on farm animals. She used a variety of puppets that allowed the children to visualise what they were learning. They also learnt the song, ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm.’ What fun! Miss Cath’s gardening lesson had children learning about different types of farms and the importance of farmers in Australia. They looked at photos of crops and tractors, as well as listening to stories about farming. Children also explored the garden, watered the beautiful flowers and plants, as well as completing puzzles and saying “Hello” to the garden gnomes. Thank you, Mr Kevin, Miss Natacha and Miss Cath, for teaching the Adelaide children last week. They are very much looking forward to what’s in store this week.
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Latrobe have been really engaged with gardening this week. Cooperating together to help plant a tree and care for other newly planted flowers.L.O4L.O2 Latrobe have shown a lot of curiosity about the chickens and their eggs .They have shown much enthusiasm hunting for the eggs and caring for our chickens.L.O1L.O2L.O4 We have also been learning about shapes ,as part of this we have been getting creative with printing and experimenting with shapes on the light table L.O4L.O5
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