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To extend on the Gregory’s camping interest, we decided to learn not just about camping in the Aussie bush but also about the natural environment that’s right here on our very doorstep in Brisbane. We had lively discussions at group time about the types of animals and trees that we would expect to see and live in the bush and in our rivers. We were also very lucky to be given the chance to view the display of Australian creatures on loan from the Queensland Museum including snakes and insects. Huge thanks go out to Mr Kevin for organising these cabinets of curiosities. The children also created some bush animal arts and crafts including a Koala, platypus and insects using nothing more than plastic lids, paddle pop sticks, brown paper bags and goggling eyes. What better way to end our camping interest than to make and cook Damper! The good old Aussie bush tucker, beloved by swagman, stockmen and drovers. We all took turns in preparing and cooking our yummy damper before sitting around our “camp fire” to enjoy eating it with either vegemite or jam. We’ve had enormous fun exploring our camping, as well as learning about nature and the environment.
Published on 2017-10-17 09:46:48 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
This week we said farewell to Tess. We wish her all the best with her new job and move back home.
Published on 2017-10-13 05:04:40 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
Last week at Clayfield OSHC we stepped into the Medieval and Viking era. With Monday being a public holiday, last week was a very short week. We made Gemstone Runes with gemstones, thick cardboard and Alfoil, and mini Medieval Jester Hats with colourful pieces of card. Staff and students learnt how to write their name in Old Norse, a language used by the Vikings. The children really enjoyed this challenge and even managed to pull the staff up on a mistake. During one of our afternoons the children sat down together and watched ‘The Narnia Chronicles: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader’- with lots of giggles to be heard in the audience. The staff have had quite a lot of fun coming up with new and improved ideas for afternoon-tea. The children enjoyed Pumpkin and Spinach Quiches, Spaghetti Bolognaise and chicken and salad sliders. If you have any ideas you’d like to suggest to the staff for afternoon-teas, we’d love to hear them! Lately, being outside and playing on the playground and oval has been the children’s favourite time of day. With the freedom to run around and play some sport, imaginary games with natural resources and enjoying the sunshine. Now that its Spring, we ask parents to make sure the children have access to a water bottle and a sunhat, as the sun will become harsher over Spring and Summer.
Published on 2017-10-13 04:10:19 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
Last week, Miss Anusha has been very busy doing lots of beautiful art experiences to celebrate the Indian festival of the lights, Diwali. The children and Miss Anusha made lots of wonderful art using lots of variety of colours and tools throughout the week. On Tuesday, the babies used lots of bright paint to create fire crackers on black paper. The children enjoyed using their hands to move the paint across the paper and make explosions of colours against the black. They made fireworks like the ones in the festivals using a paper towel rolls, which had been cut so it made a wonderful pattern that looked like fireworks. The babies enjoyed dipping the roll into purple, orange and red paint, then pressing it onto the paper to make fireworks! On Thursday, they made a lantern together! The children were encouraged to work together to smear paint all over the lantern template that Anusha had created. They then had fun shaking glitter EVERYWHERE as they filled their lantern with lots of sparkles. On Friday, we made hanging lanterns. The babies chose the colours they wanted to use, then used their hands to smear the paint all over the paper to decorate their lantern. When they were done Miss Anusha made them into beautiful lanterns that are now hanging from our ceiling! Thank you Miss Anusha for sharing some wonderful Diwali art experiences with us!
Published on 2017-10-10 07:54:34 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Last week was the final week of September school holidays. With three excursions and two themed days, we had a big week planned. Firstly, we enjoyed a day in at th’ centre celebratin’, ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’ with lots o’ Pirate crafts. We made cork pirate ships that sailed th’ bluest seas and we got t’ dye our Messages in a Bottle with teabags. We also played a lot o’ Hook toss– a game similar t’ ring toss but with th’ Capt’ns Hooks and Walk th’ Plank. One of our staff members made a game out o’ Walkin’ th’ Plank – by addin’ in some human crocodiles t’ snap at those who were brave enough t’ walk th’ plank. ARRRRR! Throughout the week we went down to Kalinga Park for the day. We spent lots of time making new friends and playing hide and seek tiggy on the playground. We had a lovely BBQ lunch at the park and enjoyed a short nature walk, featuring a Fairy Door hunt. Wednesday the children and staff hopped on the bus and went down to the Telstra Museum for a guided tour. The children were educated on the history of the phone and Telecom/The Phone Exchange. We also went down to Toombul Cinemas for our Traditional holiday movie. The children had a giggle at the movie, Captain Underpants, Tra La La Laaaa! For craft during the week we made awesome nature bookmarks, Dream catchers and paper planes. On our last day at Vacation Care we had party day with plenty of games like Musical Statues and Musical Chairs and we also had our own Disco with plenty of dancing, music and food. The children had a nice chilled out day with plenty of free play. As a group, the children decided that they wanted to join their Minecraft worlds and play together, including everyone.
Published on 2017-10-06 03:21:58 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
Hi everyone, This week saw most of our friends back from holidays and we jumped straight into our new unit on Tuesday. We started the term off by investigating the life cycle of a silkworm. The children were intrigued at the little black larva that we have in our silkworm box at the moment. We talked about life cycles and watched an educational clip about the life cycle of a silkworm. The children discovered how the silk worms go from larva, to worms and then into cocoons and then moths. They were a little horrified at the idea that silkworm farms actually boil the cocoons to use the one long strand of silk to make a variety of clothing and silk products. Questions were asked, “Boiling the cocoon, wont the moth die?” “Yes, the moth must die in order to use the silk for clothing and silk products.” Though, never fear, this is something that our Kindy friends will not be doing. We are going to marvel at the entire life cycle of the silkworm and it will not be cut short with boiling of any kind! We also explored during our educational clip, what the silk worms eat and would love any donations of mulberry leaves, if you have a mulberry bush or know of one nearby. Once the silkworms hatch they chew threw a lot of leaves, so we will appreciate any mulberry leave donations. Thank you for you continued support! Have a great week everyone, The Kindy team
Published on 2017-10-05 11:44:08 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre