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Last week, we had our first yoga lesson with Mr Kevin for the year! We were all so excited to walk down to the courtyard and sit down on our yoga mats. When Mr Kevin arrived we, all greeted him with big smiles and waves. To start our lesson Mr Kevin sang the welcome to yoga song, we all clapped our hands together and sang along. Once our bodies and singing voices were all warmed up, we read the story “Marching through the jungle.” The children all enjoyed marching along with their peers and educators in search for a monkey. Each page, we would stumble across a different jungle animal and Mr Kevin would show us that animals corresponding yoga pose until we found the monkey right at the end. We then all jumped up and danced around the courtyard to some “Wiggles songs”. We then ended our lesson by laying down listening to a relaxation song. Namaste and thank you, Mr Kevin.
Published on 2018-01-23 20:29:39 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
The London babies have had opportunities to try different painting experiences recently. They have had turns at finger painting, feeling the sensory experience of paint squishing between their fingers and mixing assorted colours together. They have also painted with different objects; a spiky ball to roll across the paper, a toy truck to make tracks with, a scrubbing brush for short strokes and a large flower sponge to make circle prints on the paper. Each child has had the opportunity to participate in at least one of these painting experiences, giving us lots of colourful art for our walls. Well done London babies!
Published on 2018-01-22 08:47:40 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Congratulations to Educator Iram who received a 'versatility' award from 2017 in recognition of how flexible she is in her job role and for her consistent hard work last year! Iram was overseas in December and missed out on the staff Christmas party & awards lunch, so this was a pleasant surprise! :)
Published on 2018-01-22 03:56:50 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
This past week Warrego room have been using their fine motor skills to thread in and out of the holes on the butterfly templates. They have also been collaging with brightly coloured craft paper and finger painting on the easels!
Published on 2018-01-19 04:22:33 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
Published on 2018-01-18 07:36:58 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
5 weeks down, one to go! We are so excited to see our families go through the transition, as the children progress in their learning and development. We are gaining lots of new enrolments over the holiday break and we are so happy to see our regular families using our service again, for 2018. Last week at Vacation Care, we had one explosive incursion and an adventurous excursion! On Tuesday, we had a visitor blast into the centre, showing us some cool science experiments. There was an air bazooka that shot a perfect circle of air, she always used a fog machine so we could see the air being produced. Our Street Science visitor, Melissa, showed us what happens when you add fire to a gas chamber, causing a big BANG! Melissa also showed us what chemicals to add to fire to change the colour, which was pretty out of this world. We also got to make our own cool slime and snow during our workshop, to take home. I can tell you, everyone wanted to be a scientist after that incursion. Our excursion took us all the way to Bunya, a suburb close to Ferny Hills. We visited the Bunya Crossing Reserve swimming hole. We spent the whole day there, swimming, building sand castles, catching tadpoles and eating our lunch, we had hamburgers and salad. This is a nice place for families to get away over the weekend and relax, but remember sun safety, as it is still summer! Monday was music day! We had lots of musical had being had in the centre. We made some musical instruments, we played Music Trivia with Zac and performed in OSHC's got Talent. We also made tasty scones! Hippie day came so quickly! The children used old rags to make a Tee-Pee and we tie dyed some hand towels. The children sat together and wrapped rubber bands around their hand towels. When their towels were dipped, this left cool and unique circular patterns and colours. Through the school holidays we have been encouraging the children to bring spare clothes incase we have some water play. We love water play here at OSHC during summer. We slip on our hats and sun shirts and slap on some sunscreen and go outside for some water fun. Friday was Sweets day at Vac care but it was also a special afternoon at the centre. We had to say goodbye for the last time, to another one of our staff members. Zac has been offered a job to teach at Bald Hills State School, teaching Grade 5 for 2018. Zac has been with us for 2 years and the children and staff will be very sad to see him go, as he made everyone's OSHC experiences entertaining and delightful. The staff and families here at Clayfield would like to wish Zac the best of luck and we hope to see his friendly face around here every now and then. This week is the very last week of our December/January holidays. School commences 22nd of January for both Eagle Junction and Clayfield families. Please remember to return your booking and escorting permission forms for the year, as they do not roll over from last year. If you have any enquiries, feel free to call or email us.
Published on 2018-01-18 07:35:53 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
This past week Yarra room have been getting in touch with their creative sides- hand painting and exploring the different texture print made using a frayed craft roll! They have also been experimenting with blocks; shaking them to see what noise they make and stacking them into towers!
Published on 2018-01-18 04:00:56 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
Well, we are now in our third week of the year and Miss Jo, Miss Merry and I could not be prouder at how beautifully our babies have settled. We have been using our babies home routines to give them a sense of continuality and this is working well as we put them to bed and feed them at familiar times. Our babies are all doing a wonderful job settling into their cots for some lovely sleeps, as well as showing trust in all the educators as they snuggle up with us as we feed them their bottles. Mr Daryl's delicious food has been a smash hit and our babies have all enjoyed settling in their high chairs during communal meal times and there is lots of smiles and chatting as we all enjoy some yummy food together. We have all enjoyed lots of group sessions as we read our books and sing lots of songs together. The finger puppets have been one of our favourite things to do during group session and we all enjoy having a turn holding them. The babies and educators have loved getting to know each other as we had fun building large towers with blocks together. The best part is knocking it over... CRASH! We have also enjoyed exploring all the cause and effect toys, pressing all the buttons to see what would happen and there has been lots of happy smiles and laughter as we watched animals pop up, lights flash and listen to our toys make lots of awesome noises. What a wonderful start to the year we've all enjoyed. Regards, Miss Leeanne, Miss Jo and Miss Merry.
Published on 2018-01-16 20:13:52 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Last week we continued our gardening lessons with Miss Cathy. When we arrived at the garden, we all made our way to the garden mat and sat down in front of Miss Cathy. To start our lesson Miss Cathy read us a book about garden insects and bugs, Miss Cathy then handed us a bug catcher for all of us to investigate. We all sat in a circle and we could see ants inside the catcher! The children were all so excited to get up close and observe the ants. Once we all had a look at the ants, Miss Cathy had a lady bug dress up for all of us to try on, the children were by far the cutest bugs in the garden. We then all followed Miss Cathy to one of the planters and helped her plant some radishes, we all made sure to blow the seeds a big kiss to help them grow. We then all made sure the seeds, plants, vegetable & flowers got a big drink of water. Thank you, Miss Cathy, for such a fun gardening lesson.
Published on 2018-01-15 06:35:33 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Leichhardt room have been focusing on the topic of their families this past week. As part of this focus the room has been making their own houses in craft time. There has been easel painting and shape connecting houses! Fantastic work!
Published on 2018-01-15 04:43:09 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
Latrobe & Diamantina rooms have snapped some great photos of their children playing and exploring in the big yard this week!
Published on 2018-01-12 05:53:42 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre
This week in the Sandgate Room, we have all continued settling in beautifully. We have loved meeting all our new friends, settling on the floor together with our educators to share nurturing cuddles and friendships have already begun to form as we play beside each other, smiling and babbling at each other! Our babies have been very busy as they practice their tummy time. They have been reading lots of stories, looking at picture books together with friends and educators and listening to lots of familiar songs as our educators sing and do the actions to each song. We have begun putting our own personal touch on the room as we pose for pictures with our families for our family tree. We have also started some art and have loved getting messy as we have made hand and foot prints which then turned into finger painting! We are settling in so well that we have developed the confidence to begin to explore our room and all the fun toys we have, such as; pushing walkers around the room, exploring the pop ups and doing some stacking with our stackers and blocks. We love all the baskets on the mats around the room, as well as our new table with tubs in it. We love pulling out all the toys and exploring them all! Some of our toys are lovely and soft (like our soft viny animals) and others are fun to bang loudly and make music with (like our wooden caterpillars, shakers and blocks). What a wonderful second week.
Published on 2018-01-11 20:13:13 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
Today the Vacation Care kids had so much fun on our excursion to Bunya Crossing Reserve!
Published on 2018-01-11 08:08:13 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
Welcome back from the Christmas break to all our families, we hope Santa visited and you enjoyed time with those you love the most. We are greeting new faces to the OSHC and Vacation Care family everyday, with families wanting to visit, meet the staff and get their child(ren) comfortable with their transition into the new school year. On our first week back from Christmas break, we went on an excursion all the way to South Brisbane to visit GOMA – Gallery of Modern Art. We ventured into the Yayoi Kusama: Life is a Rainbow exhibition for the day. We had the opportunity to look at some abstract art made fully of dots, as well as look into a large mirrored box that displayed a light show. Afterwards we lined up to go inside “The Obliteration Room” exhibit. The children were given a sheet of sticky coloured dots to stick all over the room. The staff and children travelled by public train for a change the children loved it. Tuesday was our Movie day, with the children colouring in and designing their own box car for our 'Drive-in' movies. The children sat inside their boxes throughout the movie marathon, as well as during the day. Staff can safely say that the children enjoyed their time in their 'car', using their imagination to drive places. Wednesday was game time, with the children bringing in their favourite boardgames to play. We played group Scatterglories, group Bingo, Trivia Pursuit, Popper-pig, Clue-do and Pop 'n' Go. Staff and children became very competitive, battling against each other to see who would win Scatterglories. Games were played all through the day to keep the theme of the day. Friday at Vacation Care was Frozen day, with everything frozen. We made a big mess inside and outside today! We made and played our own snow from Baking Soda and conditioner, we painted with frozen paint cubes and we filled mason jars with glitter to make Snowman sensory globes. This week we have been having so much fun, we hope you can join us to finish the week off!
Published on 2018-01-10 10:23:52 by Clayfield Outside School Hours Care
What a wonderful start to the Kindy year we have had so far. The children seemed to have settled into the new routine very well and are all very excited to be in the Kindy or 'big kids room' as they call. We have been very busy in our first couple of weeks. We have setup our “Kindy Shop”. We have made price tags for the items and stuck them on to the items. Some of our items in the shop are a bit pricey reaching up to one million dollars. We introduced play money and had discussions about how much each coin or note was worth. We also came up with an idea to boost our sales in the shop by taking turns to call the specials of the day. We each took turns at being the cashiers and the customer, as well as sales assistants. In gardening with Miss Cath, we have looked at the life cycle of a sunflower and planted some sunflowers in the garden. We also went on a red hunt in the garden and Miss Cath asked us to see what we could find in the garden that was the colour red. We found lady bugs, flowers and radishes (which we also planted).
Published on 2018-01-09 23:28:35 by Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre
This week Flinders room have been helping educator Helen water the gardens in the babies yard. They also enjoyed watching & listening in group time whilst Helen sang '5 little Ducks' using the finger puppets!
Published on 2018-01-09 04:21:17 by Nipperville Early Learning Centre